Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wisdom Teeth Warrior

It's finally that time for the last child (Whitney) to get her wisdom teeth out. We had our initial visit this morning and on September 14th she will be going under the "laughing gas".
The good part of this is that he said there are no roots growing yet so they should come out fairly easily. The bad part of this is the experience we had with the last child (Alissa) we took there to have her wisdom teeth out. When pulling on a tooth, it broke and 1/2 of it fell down her throat and they couldn't catch it in time. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital because they weren't sure it didn't get into her wind pipe.

After several hours of tests, they decided she was alright and could go home, but the whole experience left a lot to be desired and it was a fairly expensive day. When I relayed that story this morning to the doctor, he said he remembered the incident and that it was actually his old partner that did it. Thank the lucky stars that he has never had anything like that happen to him (knock on wood), although it certainly can.

The best part ... he told her to start wearing her retainers now. She lied and said she was. I corrected her and you can bet your life they will be in her mouth tonight.

Those teeth (and the two sets before them) cost me a lot of money.