Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Warriors

Within an hour of heading out to the cabin to get some work done. I've been working in the large bedroom the last couple of times we have been there but we never stay long enough to get anything major accomplished. We are spending the whole weekend there this time so I plan on making some real headway.

Today I got trash service started so all of the trash we have sitting in the back room can finally get put out by the curb (or in this case ... fence).
My main goal this weekend is to:
1.  Finish my cleaning out my Mom's old room
2.  Moving the bed back there from my Dad's old room
3.  Putting all the stuff from the kitchen cupboards into my Dad's old room to get ready for tear out.
4.  In my downtime, I am reading a really good book and I still have to get to thinking about my A-Z challenge topics. Right now I only know my "A" topic. Guess what it is! 

Warren's main goal for this weekend is to put 4x4's in for the new fence for the dogs. We found out that one of our neighbors is deathly afraid of our dogs and we don't want to start off on the wrong foot with them. Our dogs look really scary and I'm sure telling her that they are big babies does not put her at ease. 
We won't start any tear our or real renovations until everything is paid for and disbursements have been made so everyone knows it's a done deal. Right now we are basically just cleaning and moving stuff around so we are ready the day we can actually start.
On a side note: Lily has gone from a shriveled up little peanut to the cutest thing you have ever seen. Maybe I am a little biased, but I get to be. Here she is on her way home from the hospital. Just tell me she isn't cute and I'll tell you that you are a crack smoker!
 Be back on Monday!


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  1. Hey I didn't know you were working this weekend...maybe I wanted to throw things in the dumpster?

    And I would have to agree about Lily, she is the CUTEST and I've seen my share of cute babies.


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