Sunday, April 1, 2012

All About Amy

All about me! Following are my top ten.

1.  Soccer
2.  Saint Bernards
3.  Fresh Cut Grass
4.  Springtime
5.  Summer Barbecues
6.  Road Trips
7.  Pontoon Cocktail Cruises
8.  Wine
9.  My Job
10. My Family

1.  Rude People
2.  Michigan Winters
3.  Bad Drivers
4.  Falling
5.  Brussel Sprouts
6.  Slugs
7.  My Car
8.  Basketball Games
9. The Flu
10. Being Fat

Guess that sums me up. Tune in tomorrow for "B" day!


  1. Woo hoo, every day blogging for the whole month of April? You better not miss a day!!!

  2. Oh you are lucky that your name starts with A so that you can introduce yourself from the start. I'll have to wait until J day. It was nice getting to know you. Hopefully I'll get to know you more with this a-z challenge!

  3. I know under "Likes" you must have forgotten the Casino! I also think it's funny that you have listed your "Family" at #10...which if you could elaborate, I, your sister would be closer to the top! Then we move down to "Dislikes"...and I laugh at the 1st time you showed me your giant Slugs! Okay people, I have NEVER seen slugs that big but what is funny is seeing Amy FREAK OUT throwing salt at them!


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