Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jen and Jon

If Jen wasn't my niece, she would certainly be one of my very best friends. We just click. We can sit and laugh at each other's weaknessess or those of others. We can tell jokes, we can gossip with the best of them but most of all, I consider her to be almost like one of my own. I can email her at any time about anything and expect a good honest opinion or answer about anything. She can take it when someone posts a great picture of her on the internet!

This is Jen ... everything about her is bubbly and out there (literally).

I remember sitting in the parking lot at Crystal Elementary School having cocktails with her while she sobbed and sobbed asking whether or not she should marry a certain guy or break up with him for someone she considered her best friend who was trying to steal her away. She ended up with the best friend and although it was a tough road for her during that time, Jon came into our family and when I look back, I think she made the best choice.

Me and Jon. From the looks of it, he is Jen's soul mate.

Warren and I have asked Jen and Jon to be the guardians of our youngest daughter in case of any tragedy. Of course they have agreed. We have more faith in the two of them than anyone on Earth. Whitney actually got to choose between a sister or Jen and Jon and this was her choice. Although she loves her sisters, she is head over heels in love with her cousins and decided that living with them until she became an adult was the right choice. Who wouldn't want these to be your guardians:

I can't wait until summer when we can get back to the porch (now a lot closer than before) and start visiting again. I miss it. I miss you guys. I read all about the fun you guys have and I have to admit, I'm a little jealous that we are now the old people waiting for our grandkids to get here so we can have some of those parties.

See you in a couple of months for some long awaited cocktail cruising!!!


  1. That was a lovely post and great photos too. Thanks for sharing this.

    Jen and Jon sound like really nice, fun people.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge :)

  2. I do NOT understand why these photos are 1000 times bigger than those in any of your other posts. Make my girly bits look large...

    I'm so happy we could be your "J"! I'm so looking forward to some better days than I've been having lately with my company being sold and this stupid finance class...I NEED a cocktail cruise in a major way!

  3. Jen and Jon! They look like a fun,happy couple to hang out with :)
    Happy A-Zing!


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