Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pink, Pink ... I love Pink

Coming from a family of all girls and having a family of my own of all girls, I have grown to LOVE the color pink. I love every shade of pink. I would surround myself in nothing but pink if I had the chance. I could never get tired of it. Here is one of my all time favorite photos. We all love pink!
Here is a strange but absolutely true phenomenon (another lover of pink I believe):
Now for a variety of things that make me feel warm, fuzzy and in love with pink:
Sparkles always add a touch of class.
What could be sweeter than something pink?
Maybe a little racey.
Something to keep you warm.
Something to make you warm.
Or something that just makes you beautiful.

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  1. Hehehehe I used to love pink as much as you, but now it takes a lot of convincing to get me to even wear it. :-)


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