Thursday, December 22, 2011

Correcting an Error

Evidently, I need to make a couple of corrections to my previous post.

1. My middle daughter DID NOT sent the thug photo of BD to her nasty aunt. Her aunt found it on her own and felt the need to show it to Katie's dad herself. I'm not sure how anyone thinks Katie can change what he posts, but I guess it needed to be passed on. Not that this changes the fact that Katie is 23 years old and not in need of anyone monitoring her Facebook, but supposedly, she does.

2. I was told something by the middle daughter that the nasty aunt had said in regard to Katie's baby shower that Katie and her grandma have been planning. Because I am totally at odds with the person, I felt that if she didn't want to attend, she didn't need to and Katie should know about it and let her know that she can just skip the whole thing. She doesn't need a gift from someone who treats her like shit. I still believe she had the right to know but I got the middle daughter in trouble for telling me. 

Alissa: I am only sorry that you got into trouble with her, I'm not sorry I repeated it. You will no longer need to worry about that as we have come to the understanding that we will no longer speak of your sister to each other or about your dad's side of the family for that matter. Katie is already aware that you have deleted her from your Facebook and amazingly enough, so did Whitney. You guys are welcome to do as you please. I hope this retraction eases your conscience.

Can't wait for Christmas morning.

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