Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

This is the beginning of my first year without any parents. I have no place that I have to be for any reason other than I choose to be there. No commitments, no plans, no holidays, no nothing. Not sure I like how this is going, but we're going to do our best to have a wonderful year and make the best of all the new changes.

Bucket List for 2012 (Not resolutions, because we all know that they never get done. I'm trying a new approach.)

1.  The weight loss thing as been in a very serious place for a while now but as I take a really good look at my youngest daughter, it is now in emergency status. No matter how much she does or works out or doesn't eat, she is just like me and I see a real problem. Together, we will begin a journey that hopefully will help us both.

2.  We should be wrapping up my Mom's estate in the next month or so and at that time, we will be purchasing her house. It is our hope to transform it into "our" cottage and not "Grandma's" house.We are not trying to remove the traces of her that are left behind, but make it into something has been created from our family.

3.  My sister and I have been working on having a closer relationship in the last year or so and it has been working great. My hope for this year is to continue working every day so that some day it will be like we have always been close sisters.

4. In March, I will welcome my first granddaughter. Tentatively, her name is supposed to be Liliana Mae. I am beyond excited for her to get here and I can't wait to be the best Grandma ever ... just like my Mom was.

I don't want to go to overboard because then things never happen.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2012!


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