Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bitch List Tuesday - Drivers

Do you ever sit around think about all those little things that drive you quietly insane? I do this all the time. Now granted, I take a pill daily to try to alleviate these thoughts of nastiness, but come on people - stop doing stupid shit!

People who park on the street overnight and never get a ticket. If I forget to move my car in even 1 time, I get a big fat ol' ticket.

People who stop in a left hand turn lane almost under a stop light. Do you people not see that very fat, white strip of tape or paint about a car length and a half back there. It means ... STOP HERE DUMB ASS! This is so the tractor trailers can make a right hand turn and not have to tie up traffic while the whole row of cars behind you tries to back up.

People who do not move their asses over when a flashing sign tells them to. They speed up as much as they can to pass everyone who already moved over and then try to squeeze in and the very last minute in front of everyone.

People who drive eastbound down East Jefferson Street in Grand Ledge in the left lane when you know the sign coming up clearly says "LEFT LANE ENDS". Now you try to beat the people who are in the correct lane and when they won't let you in, you just move over anyways and try to wreck our cars.

People behind you that must pass you in the left hand turn lane just because you turn on your right blinker.

People who drive 50 in the hammer lane on Saginaw Highway. Why the hell do you think it is called the hammer lane? Shit or get off the pot people and move your ass over to the granny lane.

People who drive 30 MPH on the on-ramp. Now we all took driver's education. You are supposed to enter a freeway at a reasonable speed. Pick up some damn speed people or stay off the freeway!

People who park in the handicap spot when they are not handicapped or do not sport a handicap sticker or plate. I'm sick to death of hearing ... I only ran in for a minute. That minute could be the one where someone without legs shows up and can't go in because you couldn't walk the 50 extra feet on your good legs you lazy ass!

I could probably think of more, but I'm going to stop there.

Now for the good part ...

I would like to give a shout out to UPS and FedEx drivers who I have personally seen pull off the road and sit still until a funeral procession has passed them by. These guys are on the road working for like 10-12 hours a day but still show common courtesy for the deceased. If only the rest of the world acted like this.

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