Thursday, January 12, 2012

We All Come Around Someday

My oldest daughter, Katie has been quite a handful for most of her life. I had her when I was 26 years old and quite by accident, followed with Alissa a mere 15 months later. When the girls were 3 & 4, their Dad divorced me so it was just us girls for a couple of years. In 1995, I married my current husband, Warren, and he gladly accepted the role of the girls other "Dad". 

Katie has always been a bull headed girl and I'm pretty sure she gets that from her Dad (no, really I believe this). From the very get go, Katie and Warren never got along. She pushed his buttons and he was seemed unhappy with anything she said or did. Alissa always lived with us, but Katie decided (we let them decide) to live a year with one parent and then the other. It really seemed to work out well for her. It always seemed that when she lived in our home, she was always in trouble or grounded for one thing or another. Katie has always been a very book smart girl, but when it came to common sense, the girl has always done things that seemed to get her in trouble for one reason or another.

Skip to today.

All Katie has ever wanted in life was to be a nurse and a mother, not necessarily in that order. She was married for just over a year and was pregnant twice but miscarried both times. These were very painful for her both medically and mentally speaking. She got divorced in early 2011 and moved on with her life. Katie got pregnant again in June 2011. We were definitely not pleased with this at all. She is not married and we are absolutely not thrilled with the father of the baby. Nor has that fact changed at all.

I kept my distance from the whole situation for quite a while until we were sure that this fetus was even going to make it, but of course this one stuck. I don't know if I was more mad at her for getting pregnant without being married or getting pregnant by someone that we did not approve of. Either way, she is standing by her man throughout this whole pregnancy whether we all like it or not.

I have purchased lots of little things over the past months and tried to remain somewhat distant from the fact that this baby is really coming. I have had to take Katie to the ER a few times because she has had nothing but trouble carrying, but the baby seems very healthy, active and can't wait to get here.

We are getting closer and now I have to come clean. I'm excited. I surf the net during the day looking at baby furniture, maternity clothes, baby stuff, shower stuff. I don't want to admit it, but just thinking about a little chubby baby all dressed in pink - Oh, did I mention that the cherry on top is that it's a girl? I still am not happy with the home life that I believe this little girl (Liliana/Lily) is about to be brought into, but Katie is an adult and knows what is best for her. She assures me that she will take the necessary steps of precaution if things don't improve once Lily gets here. I've decided to move on and let that go.

With all that said, we are on the downhill. Lily should be her the first week of March. Katie will be moving into her own house this weekend and I am going to help her get things in order. Hopefully things should be all settled before then. 

Just a little more time and I will officially be a Granny. I guess there could be worse things in the world. I just hope that Katie is happy and healthy and finally has her dream come true. Lily ... we can't wait to meet you!


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