Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Rudeness of it All

Last week I had a day where I wrote about all those little things that drivers do that drive me insane. Just venting about people and their stupidity made me feel better. Today's topic is about those little annoying habits that people do that are just plain rude.
People who chew gum with their mouths open. It's everywhere. I went into the insurance office a few weeks ago. There was a new guy that waited on me with a huge cud of gum in his mouth. Since he was new, the owner was helping him take care of my transactions. The whole time, he chomped on his gum with his mouth wide open and the owner never said a word. I thought I would have to scream. I almost walked out. I feel the same way about the cashiers in the grocery check out lane, waitresses/waiters, bank tellers, nurses, etc. If have a job that requires you to talk to people ... SPIT OUT THE DAMN GUM!
People who push you along in the grocery check out line. I try to get most of my groceries once a week which means I usually have quite a cart full. When my stuff is on the belt and I put up the divider stick, feel free to start putting your stuff on there. Please stay back there with your stuff. When I am attempting to write a check or push the buttons on the credit card machine, I do not appreciate you standing right on top of my and bumping my elbows ... IT'S STILL MY TURN, BACK OFF!
People who don't wait for you to finish your sentences. My husband is a big one on this. I'm telling him a story or answering his question about something and halfway through, he starts talking. He never waits for me to finish my sentences. It makes me crazy (crazier than usual). WHEN MY LIPS STOP MOVING ... IT'S YOUR TURN!

People who want to feel good about themselves because they have a pet and never interact with it. I get so mad when I drive by and see a dog house next to a tree in a yard with a dog chained to it. I'm not talking about the ones that are in the vicinity of the house, I'm talking about the ones that are way out there near the back of the property line that you know the people only go out there once a week or so to make sure the food dish isn't empty. And then you aren't really sure about that either. My family is the extreme of this since we treat our dogs and cats like they are humans. I know everyone is definitely not like us, but people ... DOGS ARE LIVING CREATURES, LOVE THEM ONCE IN A WHILE!
People who believe that they are entitled to everything. If you need to be on welfare, go get it. Work to get yourself off it and be a upstanding member of society. I do not go to work everyday so you can eat, drink, be merry and talk on a cell phone which I have provided for you. Get off your lazy ass ... GET A JOB!
Last but not least ... those stupid people who cannot get off their damn cell phones. They can't drive, eat, watch a move, take a shit, nothing without that damn thing. If I am shopping, eating, driving, watching a movie or taking a shit, I do not need to hear your conversation or listen to "beep beep beep" while you text ... TURN THAT BITCH OFF!
I guess I'll wrap up the bitch fest for this week. Tune in next week for a new and exciting topic.

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  1. Look at you with your new SIGNATURE! I like the clean look of the layout and I hope you can see it all now because I still can.


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