Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Blues Road Trip - Final Edition

We had pulled several flyers from the front desk of the hotel and we saw on the front of one of them a picture of the most beautiful pizza EVER! It was at a place called River's Edge Pizza Pub & Grille. When we got there, we couldn't believe it. There were only about 12 tables in the whole place. Luckily, we got one of them. A line began to form not long after we sat down.
This was just a little Mom & Pop place that only had beer and a very limited bar. Dad and Matt each got a draft and the 2 girls who were so excited for a cocktail ... they got pop with Whit. CRAP. Dad ordered his usual turkey club because he didn't want pizza and the rest of us couldn't decide together so we ended up getting 2. Matt and I split a meat filled one with onions, Lissa and Whit split a boring old ham and mushroom one. I also ordered bruschetta for us to share. Look at the meat on the beasty club they served:
 Then came the bruschetta (this is after we almost devoured it):

And along came the Chicago style pizzas!!!

All I can say is ... Oh! My! God!!! The whole time we are stuffing our faces, we were making friends with all the waitresses and even the owner. It was a pretty good time. We kept noticing some desserts going to all the tables but there wasn't anything listed on the menu. We found out it was their famous cannoli. Of course we had to get a few of those too, but we were absolutely stuffed with 1/2 a club, 2 slices of bruschetta, and 5 pieces of pizza left so we got them to go. The girls also wanted a shirt so Whit got lime green and Lissa got yellow. Valenda (the owner) brought over the canolli that she made herself. We exchanged names and said we would find each other on FB which of course I did the minute I got back to the hotel. It was just an overall great start to the evening. If you are ever in Dundee Michigan ... gotta hit up River's Edge. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!
On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for drinks. We decided to play cards while we digested. Lissa and Dad partnered up against Matt and I and we played a few games and relaxed. We got done right around 10:00 so we decided to go hot tubbin. The one good thing about this hotel was that the pool closes at 10:00 and from 10:00-12:00 it's 21 & over (Whit just turned 21 recently). Down we went. We were in the pool while a couple finished their soak and then we all got in and just relaxed. We saw a parent coming down the hall with her kids all in swim suits and I couldn't believe it. These kids were probably under 7 and should have been in bed. When they read the sign, they went right to the front desk most likely to ask if they could go in. Must be they got turned down cuz they walked right back by with the kids looking pretty sad. HA HA HA!!!

That was finally the end of day one. We all decided to turn in and get ready for the big Cabela day. Sleep? Nope. Tossed and turned all night on the crappy hard bed. Switch from the crappy bed to the crappy chair over and over. Watched the clock most of the night. Stole Whit's only blanket cuz she wasn't using it. Finally ... morning got there.
Everyone was up and getting ready to go get the long awaited waffles. I look over and Whit has a really strange look on her face. I ask what's wrong and she say's "I'm gonna puke". OH, CRAP! She went running in and through the gags I hear "Ham and Mushrooms ... it's the pizza". She comes out all teary eyed and pale and says, I'm starving let's go. Amazing. My kid has an iron stomach. Nobody else got sick. She said she had to get rid of it in order to get her day started. Off we go.
Breakfast sucked. Nobody even got a waffle cuz number one there was a really long line and number two, there wasn't enough room to hang around. We each grabbed a little something, scarfed it down and headed back down to clean up our rooms so we could be the first ones at Cabelas and have a parking space. Checked out, got to Cabela's in 45 seconds and began to sit and wait for the 45 minutes before it was going to open.
We spent a couple of hours shopping around and looking at all the animals. I got a couple things for the "cabin". The one item we actually went for (a fish finder) was out of stock so that has to be ordered online.

We headed out the door and straight to the elephant ear truck that was sitting outside on the curb. Who could go to Cabela's and not get an elephant ear? Not us. We got 3 to split and headed on down the road - the scenic trip. Stopped and had lunch at Old Country Buffet in Jackson which was pretty good and then settled in to finish our road trip. All in all ... a good time was had by all.

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