Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Blues Road Trip

About a week ago we started planning a trip to help get us out of the winter blues. Since Warren got a Cabela's gift card for his Christmas/Birthday present, we decided that would be a good choice. Whit could invite a friend and we would check into the hotel right next door that has the water park, spend the day and night doing that stuff and then tackle Cabelas on Sunday.
Little did I know that there were speed bumps right directly ahead. Whit asked her friend and was all excited about getting on with the trip. She got her suit out and tried it on. Started thinking of all the things she was going to try to get her Dad to buy her at Cabelas, etc. I got on the internet to reserve our room (2 - one for the girls and one for us). Warren thought the friend might be a little funny about sharing a room with him in there. Wouldn't you know it. There was not any rooms available at that hotel for at least the next three weeks. We wanted to go three days later. CRAP! I did find another hotel which as just down the street at a price that wasn't terrible so I booked the 2 side by side rooms and chalked that water park hotel room lesson up as a learning experience ... call way in advance next time! 

Two days went by and now it's Thursday night late and all of a sudden, the friend decides to back out and not go. Whit said that she heard a couple of different stories as to why she wasn't going to go but in the end, it didn't matter. She wasn't going and Whit was really hurt. I felt terrible but I had to cancel that second room no later than noon on Friday or I had to pay full price for it even if we didn't use it.I remembered back to when we were at Christmas and Matt (Lissa's boyfriend) saw that Warren had gotten that card and commented that he would love to go to Cabelas. I decided that I would try to get Whit someone to go even if it was her sister. I called Lissa up and asked if they were interested and the room was already paid for. After canceling an invitation they had received from a friend and Lissa finding someone to take her work shift for Sunday, they agreed and Whit was much happier just knowing that she would have someone to do stuff with.Thank goodness for Katie. That poor 8-month pregnant girl got the raw end of this whole deal. She got the job of babysitting 3 dogs (2 of which are really big babies and the other is in constant motion) and 2 crabby cats. She had to get up early and meet us at Belle Tire because we couldn't let her take our truck since it was shaking so bad from the bad set of tires. The roads were not the best, she was barely dressed and she was ready to sit (for God knows how long) while the tires got installed. THANK YOU KATIE!!
We made it to our noon soccer game where I noticed that there was friction on the field. I knew this wasn't going to go over well. Lets just say that as of today (Tuesday) there has been no communication between Whit and the friend (and a few others for some reason). I didn't think Whit would be this angry. She usually doesn't hold a grudge for long, but I guess the other side isn't being too nice either. They're girls. They will work it out eventually. They always do. We won the game 5-1 and then headed out to pick up Lissa and Matt.

Off we went ...

Stay tuned for Winter Blues Road Trip (part 2) tomorrow!


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