Monday, February 13, 2012

Leave of Absence

My extended leave of mental absence is now over and I'm coming back strong.
Been working on planning Whit's Sweet 16 Party. Whit is a pretty quiet kid and doesn't do a lot of mingling with friends. Oh yeah, she has her soccer friends on the field during games, but other than that she is mostly a homebody. She doesn't get asked to do a lot with anyone. Don't get me wrong, she does have a few girls that invite her occasionally (for this I am extremely grateful). She gets millions of texts and FB chats and stuff, but she doesn't get asked to go other places. This year she is doing more and more and hopefully this party will be a hit.

I'll never forget the time that Lissa had a pool party and nobody came. NOBODY. She invited all sorts of girls and they just didn't come. When one of her better friends found out, she rounded up a couple of different friends and they made the best of it. I might add ... that pissed me off pretty much. It also broke my heart.

Anyways, Whit is going to have a Cosmic Bowling Party. For anyone who is not sure what that is, they turn off all the lights and turn on neon lights and strobe lights and such. Of course then they add the crazy loud music that all the kids love and I guess it's quite a good time. She has a list with 27 names on it. I don't know where all these names came from, but she's going to invite them all and see what we come up with.
I have reserved 6 lanes from 9pm until 11pm. We get pizza, pop and free shoe rental for everyone. We are allowed to bring in cake and ice cream which they will put in the back until we are ready. They also have a game room with pool tables. I think she made a pretty good decision with her party choice.

The other night we went out and she picked out her invitations. I was quite surprised when she she chose pink/black. She is not really a pink kind of girl, but that's what she picked. Maybe I will be able to talk her sister into taking her shopping for an outfit and maybe even some make up!! Maybe she will be a girly girl for a night. I can only dream.
Now I'm trying to think of the perfect gift. The older girls got a car after they turned 16 but not as a gift. They both got a car that we thought was dependable but of course nothing sporty or expensive. Whit will get the same once we get our new cottage paid for and situated so that's not a gift option. I know she has talked about a varsity jacket (although she has not lettered yet, but hopefully someday), a pair of some really expensive Nike shoes, a $170 pair of goalie gloves (not to use, just to frame on the wall and look at - I find this a stupid idea) or the gift she really wants that I'm torn over.
She wants a sterling silver necklace with her grandparents initials and diamonds on it that she can wear forever and never take off. The diamond part came from an idea that my sister and I had and she knows about it. Once again, for those who don't know ... Warren's parents both died when Whit was five years old. She doesn't remember them at all. I've tried to spark a memory, but nothing. My dad died in 2009 and Whit took it really hard. She even has a little shelf area in her room for a few of his belongings. My Mom passed away this past October and now she is left without any grandparents. I think this is a great idea, but I don't think this is what a girl should want for her 16th birthday gift. If this necklace is something she wants, she should get it because it's a piece of them to cherish but not for such an important birthday. I'm torn about that.

Anyone with a good Sweet 16 gift idea should really feel free to leave it for me. I need help here.

Glad to be back. See you all tomorrow with "Road Trip to Cabelas".

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  1. Can you refresh my memory about this pool party?! Must have slipped my mind....


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