Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Date Night with Fluffy

For Christmas 2010, I wanted nothing more than to go see Gabriel Iglesias a.k.a. Fluffy in concert but by the time I told Warren, he couldn't get tickets anywhere. I pouted and whined for quite some time. He told me that if I ever wanted to go to something like that again, buy my own damn tickets and just let him know.
In October 2011 right after my Mom passed away, I was watching Gabriel on Comedy Central and of course laughing my ass off for a change. I got online to see if he would be coming to Michigan any time in 2012. There is was ... March 11, 2012. I wrote down the date that the tickets would go on sale and on that day, I started looking first thing in the morning. I wasn't going to miss out again.
Last Sunday was my date day to go see Gabriel in concert. We headed back from the cabin in early afternoon to start our trip to Kalamazoo State Theater. I was expecting to see some huge building in the middle of a bustling city but what I found was nothing more than what appeared to be a movie theater with a line winding down and around a block. 
We were able to park about 1 1/2 blocks away (for free) which I thought was just amazing. We were there just about an hour early. Who knew we were not going to have to trek for an hour to get there. I told Warren that we may as well get going because that was a loooong line. Believe it or not, by the time we got there, the line had moved in and we only had about a five minute wait. So far so good.


We made it into the building and it was amazing. I was an old theater made into what appeared to be a place for plays and concerts and such. The decor was old and kind of Shakesperean in nature. It was pretty cool. We stopped for a popcorn and drink to share and made our way to the seats. We were in the mezzanine (middle tier), row 2, dead center. The seats looked like they were going to be AMAZING! Not so much. 

When we went to sit down, I couldn't fit into my seat. The seats were so old and narrow, Warren could barely get into his and of course, my big ass really didn't go. I sat on the front part of the seat which was about 12 inches from row 1. Whoever was going to show up and sit in front of me was going to have a big set of boobs to rest their head in between. I had no choice. We still had a half an hour before show time and I was hurting already. This wasn't going to work. We were going to just leave and go hit up Firekeepers.

I saw one of the security people and flagged her down and explained my situation. I asked if there was any other place I could go to sit on a chair or in a handicapped area on a bench or something. She said she would go find the house manager. Keep in mind, this is quite embarrassing. I looked around and saw more than 20 other people my size (you know this is the Fluffy show - lots of fluffy people are there to see him) and wondered how they were going to sit in those seats. There is no possible way.

We were lucky enough to be moved to a bench at floor level that was really close to the stage. We made friends with a security guard there who said it is almost unheard of for someone to get moved so we were very lucky. The first hour and a half was just random comedians who weren't great so we just kind of hung around. After those, there was a 20 minute intermission to stretch your legs before Fluffy was due on stage. I asked Warren to run out to the lobby and buy me a t-shirt but he said it was so busy, he couldn't get  near the stand. I was bummed. I was going to have to do it after the show. CRAP!

The emcee came out with all the stuff they had for sale and showed everyone so they could plan what they wanted to buy after the show. I knew which one I wanted already but I watched all the different shirts go by. After that, they guy said that he had a 5XL shirt to give away to one lucky fluffy winner. The rules were, you had to come up front, you had to be fluffy enough to wear the shirt and the audience would be picking the winner. That was it. Now you know, I wanted a shirt pretty bad when I looked at Warren and said ... "I'm gonna do it"! Off I ran down the aisle and right smack up front.

There were a total of seven fluffies up front. Me and six men (one of which was in a wheelchair). Once I got there, I was hoping I didn't have to strip or anything cuz there I was in front of probably 1,000 people standing there like a deer caught in the spotlight. The emcee holds his hand over the head of the handicapped guy and the noise-o-meter goes up a little more than half way. Sure ... pity vote! They skip me and go to the other end and do the guys one by one. Each gets maybe to 1/4 of they way up. I'm thinking, I'm going to lose to the wheelchair dude unless I can get the girls to all vote for me. When the guy put his hand over my head, Warren said the noise-o-meter went right out the top. I got 100+% noise. Yep, this girl right here got the Fluffy shirt!! WOOT WOOT!!! I got high 5's from people all the way back to my seat. Oh what fun!!!

Gabriel finally came on and he did a brand new show which was funny but once he finished that, he went back and did a lot of his old show. His old shit was pee your pants funny. He was on stage for way over two hours. What an amazing time I had. He is the funniest guy ever. We stayed out way later than we should have on a work night, but it was more fun than I could have imagined. Can't wait to have another date night with my Sweetie. Wonder what good stuff I can think of for next time.

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