Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the Air

I just love the smell of spring. Everything seems fresh and new.
The downside of getting to spring is turning the clock ahead. Why the hell do we have to mess with Father Time? It just starts getting light on my way to work and then BAM ... dark again. I know it won't be long until the days are longer again, but I truly do not like messing with the time. You know, that first Monday when you haven't slept all night worrying that you didn't set the alarm clock right and you drag ass all day. Ugh!
The upside is all the rest. My window can stay open a little at night. I can open my window at work during the day. Pretty soon I will be able to open the overhead doors at work and see the outside, the leaves coming back, the deer and fawns that live next door. My flowers will start to bloom, the birds are making beautiful music and I don't even mind the mud. As long as it's not snowing or freezing, I'm loving it. For a person who lives in a land of unstability, springtime is almost like a getting a birthday gift three months early.
 So many things to look forward to. Warmer weather, soccer games, opening the pool, working on the new cabin, cleaning up the yard, eating outside, grilling (although we grill year round), taking the dogs to the park, going for walks ... I could probably go on forever. In case you couldn't tell, I'm feeling pretty good today!

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