Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do You Wonder ...

Why people stop so far up under a stop light?

Why the weather is so nice all of a sudden?

Why kids don't learn lessons until they get hurt?

Why you can reprimand your dog and he still licks your face?

Why people only pull up to the first open gas pump and not to the one at the end?

Why February only has 28 or 29 days?

Why the good people die and the bad people live forever?

Who thought up the Coke and Mentos experiment?

Who decided we should work five days a week?

Who thought that deep frying a ham, turkey and cheese sandwich would be good and then dunk it in raspberry jelly and it would be AMAZING?

Why some people abuse other people?

Why some people abuse animals?

Why some people are just plain abusive?

I think that's enough for you to wonder about for today. Just give it a couple of minutes and wonder.

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  1. I do wonder about the weather...I wonder if there is a hole in the ozone layer and someday eventually it will be 150 degrees killing everyone on the planet. For real.

    I am happy you figured out how to change your layout and add little pictures to the side bar too. Not that I minded doing it for you at all.


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