Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crystal Cocktail Cruisin

One of my family's favorite pastimes during the summer months is cocktail cruising on Crystal Lake. I was raised on this lake and currently are part owner is two separate cottages there. A shared family cottage is in the process of being sold and the other one is being bought for our very own. Anywho ... picture a warm summer night, a large pontoon, a gaggle of family members who love the lake and a cooler full of cocktails. You get it!

It only takes a matter of minutes after someone yells "COCKTAIL CRUISE" and we are all on a dead run for bags full of snack, booze, life jackets, blankets and the keys. Crystal Lake has 724 acres of water filled fun for all ages. We have all the toys but when you fill a pontoon with about ten crazy people, a couple of little kids (who fight over who gets to drive) and take off, it's a night to remember ... or not. We have had a grandmother fall off the dock just getting there and her drinks flying into the air and to the bottom of the lake. We have sunk the front of the pontoon. We have had someone attempt to pee off the front, miss and pee all over the boat. We have lost a whole bottle of wine over the side (or maybe it was just disgusting and someone threw it overboard). We have watched July 4th fireworks.

On a good cruise night, it takes approximately 2 1/2 hours. If we leave early enough, the kids can float behind in tubes but if it gets dark, that is pretty scary. Even the kids love to go. For the kids, the highlight is when you are big enough to ride on Uncle Warren's knee and be the captain!
It's only April and already I'm dreaming of Crystal cocktail cruising.

See you tomorrow!!!!

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  1. OK it's official I'm changing my last name. Now you can title your blog mine's a weirdo but at least I'll get to go on the cruise.
    Great post, I love the family stories if you can't tell!


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