Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dobbing with Dort

I was very close to my Mom. We had a very special mother/daughter bond. We talked for hours at a time, we laughed, we cried and I miss her terribly. I lost her in October 2011 and I am not any closer to closure today than I was on the drive to Hospice House on that Friday morning.

We had standing dates that nobody else got invited to. Since I work in a government office, I get Presidents Day and Veterans Day off. Now I know that you shouldn't take those holidays for granted, but for me, it was a day off to spend with my Mom and I looked forward to it so. It was the same every year.

I would make the 45 minute drive to her house the night before so we could visit all evening. We would get up at the crack of dawn knowing full well that neither one of us slept well since we were so excited to get the day going. Sometimes we would eat at home, sometimes we headed for Mt. Pleasant and had breakfast on the way. Then we get to the bingo hall. We would set up our places at a table and head into the casino for a few slots before bingo started. We would play for about four hours and then hit up the slots for another hour or so. If the truth was known ... I really didn't like going to bingo at all. I did it for her. My Mom lived for bingo. She would play bingo down in Florida for stupid shit like doughnuts and bags of potato chips in the old folks trailer community. I'm not sure if I have ever even yelled "Bingo"! Most likely the reason was because I could never keep up. I simply could not watch my four cards and chat with her at the same time. I always would rather have sat and talked to her than play that stupid game.

Looking back now, I'm glad I sucked it up and went with her since it was her favorite thing to do. What I wouldn't give to go set up my dobbers with her again.

Ease on back here tomorrow for the letter "E".


  1. It must be something around this time of year because those two have been in my dreams EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Last night it was grandpa telling me not to forget to look into Grandpa Darling's study bible...I was so going to get up and go look in it for a secret message but then forgot. Last night it was Grandma moving and I was trying to convince her to stay in the craft house on my property but she was afraid snakes were going to get inside it. So I was crying because she was moving away.

    Damn, let's go play bingo.

  2. Do we really need closure. I'm at a loss on that. I would prefer to keep it wide open and let the memories flow back and forth. I understand your bingo thing. I used to go shopping with my Dad at places like Pace and Sam's Club and push the cart around just because we had fun together. I get it!


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