Saturday, April 14, 2012


Magical countrysides
Icy winters
Countless waterways
Hot summers
Infinite tourist hotspots
Glorious fall colors
Ample festivals, fairs and parades
Never a dull moment.

MICHIGAN - It's where I was born and raised and where I will most likely die. It's the state where you can be wearing your shorts and tshirt one minute and the next, you're looking for a pair of mittens. Green grass covers the entire state one week and the next it glistens with a skiff of frosty white snow. This is definitely the place to be if you are in love with change (and I do mean daily)!

See you all on Monday.


  1. I do like most of Michigan, especially the UP. I have spent many a day in the Detroit area and hate what it has turned into. It is so sad.

    You're right about the weather, it's the Texas of the north, and Texas is the Michigan of the south.

  2. Michigan is a lovely place indeed.

    Do check out my letters at GAC a-z.

  3. I love Michigan! I grew up in the Upper Peninsula and would love to return there someday.

  4. Yep! Too, nowadays you can track your kids movements with a GPS tracker on their cell phones. They won't even know it is on there. Too, the only way to deactivate it is through the person paying the bill (hello mom and dad) or to turn the phone off. Tell me, what teen turns their phone off? lol


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