Friday, April 20, 2012

Rest and Relaxation

What does this mean to me? Put your fantasy goggles on.

I'm putting a a nice big pair of sweat pants. You know, the kind that are still fuzzy on the inside. Top that off with an over sized sweatshirt (preferably hooded). A brand new pair of socks ... no shoes.  I top all of this off with my Eyeore fleece blanket.
I grab my newest book (don't know the name cuz I just bought it last night), a bottle of Raspberry Sparkeltini and my pretty wine glass and head out to the front porch of the old cottage (in Crystal). I pull the comfy lounge chair up close to the railing and settle in for the duration.
Now I read for hours on end without any husband, kids, dogs or cats ... or at least until my wine bottle is empty or I'm fast asleep!


  1. I know about wine and books and blankets.

    I'm sad that you are to R because it feels like it's amost Z and then I won't ever hear from you again. Even Jon has been logging on every day and complaining when there isn't a post!

  2. I was thinking the same thing Jen...we should MAKE her do this EVERY month! I'm all about the fuzzy sweats, blankie and sweatshirt but I opt for no socks and a movie! I would probably also switch out the Raspberry Sparkletini for a Mudslide or Strawberry Daquari!

  3. Hi, sounds mighty comfy to me! Wish I could do the wine cooler but I have blood pressure problems and take a lot of meds for them. Doesn't do to mix pills and alcohol, dontcha' know? I most likely would wind up asleep before you know it, if I were to do what you are doing. As it is, sometimes I go to sleep at my computer. Ha ha. Very nice to meetcha'. Best regard to you. Ruby aka Grammy


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