Monday, April 23, 2012

The Total Truth

I don't get it. Why must someone tell you a little bit of a truth instead of the total truth. If there is something I hate (a strong word, but appropriate), it's a liar. If you are going to tell me anything, make sure it is 100% the truth.

Life would be so much easier if you told the truth the first time, instead of having to remember what you told me to cover up some half truths. Of course I may get mad. It's a sure thing that I'm gonna yell. But don't you think that in the end, the truth will set you free?

PLEASE ... tell me the truth and things will always turn out alright!


  1. yes it is so much harder after the lie--but i think we all have done it and probably will again--great post

  2. Ain't it the truth though? Nice post!

  3. Let's hear it for truth! Stopping by from the challenge . . .


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