Monday, July 23, 2012

Easing back in ...

IIIIIIIIIIII'm back. Well sort of. I have to get back into the swing of things on here again. Things look different to me now. I think the site has changed a bit. Maybe I've changed a lot.

First of all, I want to thank Jen (my niece) for posting and letting you all know I got really sick and that is where I went. I am finally back on my feet and looking forward to blogging again.

I guess the first thing we'll do is let you all know what a rough road I have just gone down.

On April 5th, I had a bunion removed. About three weeks later, I found out that I had a staph infection (but not MERSA ... thankfully). On May 5th I evidently (I have no knowledge of this) woke up in my own little world demanding to see my Dad. My husband tried to explain to me that my Dad had passed but I wouldn't believe him. He said I began to rant and rave and was basically talking out of my head. When he figured out that there was something wrong with me, he took me to the Emergency Room in Carson City. I was taken from there by ambulance to Sparrow where I was admitted. At some point during the next two weeks (while in Sparrow) I suffered a heart attack and 2 strokes from where this infection had reached my heart and brain.

Finally They released me with an at home IV. I had to sit and have that run into my arm every day and it took two hours. This was going to go on until June 19th. UGH! But at least I was on my way to getting healthy and the infection was getting out of my body. Or so I thought.

Toward the end of May, I received a phone call that said my kidneys had begun failing and to report immediately to Sparrow to be checked in again. I got all settled back in there just to find out that I was allergic to the medicine I was receiving. Another 9 days spent flushing all of that out of my system and getting me on the right antibiotics. This time I went home with a portable IV that was in the form of a little bottle (somewhat like a large baby bottle) that I could carry around and it would run into my arm 24 hours a day.

Fast forward to today. I am very lucky to 1. Be alive. 2. Have no lasting effects from the strokes (I do have short term memory loss, but I can live with that). 3. Have such a wonderful family that took such good care of me - even though they sometimes are not the best relayers of news in a timely fashion. 4.Be alive.

I'm still fighting the effects from all of this but found out that I will not need valve replacement or bypass surgery. I am really angry that all of this happened, but glad that I'm here to tell about it. This is of course the short version and more that you probably want to spend time reading about.

I'll start back to the trials and tribulations of this crazy life tomorrow with some lighter chatter.


  1. Woo Hoo for being back online! Maybe you could post every day so then you have a REAL reason for balling me out for NOT.

  2. Love you mom! We thank everyone for everything causr we definently need you here forever and ever!!

  3. Welcome back A...don't be scaring me like this again. Maybe with this short term memory issue, we might be able to get away with a little more mischief? Good to have something more to read...your sister

  4. You poor thing. It's horrifying whenever anyone has to go through such an ordeal after a so-called "minor" procedure. But ya know what they say... that which doesn't kill ya makes you stronger. So, now you're lots stronger. Glad to have you back.


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