Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Thanksmas

Robyn and I made a few trips trying to get stuff cleaned out of the house, but every time we went it seems like that just wasn't the thing we wanted to do. We did A LOT of talking, remembering, touching things, remembering more, stopping to run to eat or maybe a quick (or not so quick) trip to the casino, watching movies and then back to sorting some more.

Since we didn't have a lot of planning time and Katie's schedule doesn't let her do a lot, we decided to have Thanksgiving and Christmas together like we used to when you guys went to Florida. We had it on Saturday after Thanksgiving. That way, everyone was able to go all different directions and we could still all get together. I called it Thanksmas. It worked for me. I had to meet Robyn at the door and we had to immediately sit and bawl some more. It just didn't seem right. It was our 2nd "first" and it was tough. We had tenderloin (I know ... you just licked your lips right then. I remember how much you loved it.), and all the fixings. Robyn tried to burn your house down. She took her eyes off those damned sweet potatoes for too long and when she opened the oven door, flames burst out. Luckily, Jen was ready with the camera and got the exclusive photos.

We drew names and everyone got a gift. Warren and Alissa got your gifts when we were sorting out your room. They liked them. Warren was so excited that you got him the radio. He has been reading the book and is all antsy about putting it in his boat. Finally, something he is excited about instead of jeans and socks. Wish you could have seen his face.

After everyone left, I decided to start sorting our your closets. I went back to your room and one by one, folded up your clothes and started bagging. It seems so weird going through your closets like that. Brought back memories about when I used to raid your closet for something to wear. Now I must admit, Dad sure was right every time he rolled his eyes when you came home with bags of stuff. Who the hell has that many clothes? Yep, you did. I got your closets and drawers done. I took all of those things and the tubs of clothes from the attic to our local emergency shelter. It is at a church and they give stuff away to people who lose their homes to tragedy. They do not charge and I know that is something you were pretty adamant about. The lady was so excited because they usually don't get plus size clothing and hardly ever get nice stuff (I called it work/church clothes). They were so gracious. I told them that I'd be back since I have another closet to go.

Haven't been back since that day, but thinking about getting some more done over the upcoming holidays. That pretty much covers Thanksgiving weekend.

PS: I finally called the nut doctor yesterday and set up an appointment. The last time I was supposed to go and had to cancel was the day Robyn was bringing you to Sparrow when you found out about the cancer. I'm in a pretty bad place, so it's time. I go next Tuesday and I am not looking forward to that first visit.


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  1. I put on her Christmas shirt last night to see if it looked like something I wanted to wear to my work party today and it smelled so much like her perfume that instead I put the shirt in a baggie to try and keep the smell...weird?

    I wanted to wait for snow so it was pretty but I can't wait any longer to deliver the grave blanket. I should be up there sometime Saturday or Sunday.


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