Friday, December 16, 2011

Pre Holiday Parties

First of all, guess what! For the first time in forever, I have my Christmas  shopping done with the exception of stocking stuffers. I am over the top excited about this.

Back to Thanksmas weekend. While we were there, Whitney kept wearing a read Christmas sweater type jacket around the house. I wasn't sure where she got it, but I just assumed it was keeping her warm. Lo and behold, this morning she comes out of her bedroom with it on and she wore it to school. I couldn't believe it, but she did. Good for her.

We had a wonderful breakfast at City Hall this morning. We didn't do Secret Santa but had a really nice meal. Everyone brought in really good stuff. At lunch time, we had a really nice pot luck too. We played poker and for the first time in years, I didn't win. Well, crap!

Now I'm just sitting her watching the clock until it says 3:30. We don't have to do anything but we also can't leave early. Guess I'll go play a few games of Backgammon.

I added up all my Christmas purchases and Warren seems to have been a very good boy this year. I have to use some of that and switch it over to the birthday. Alissa got the shaft. She seems to be the hardest one for me to buy for. Now I have to go out again and figure something out for her along with the stocking stuff. 

Today is also Whitney's official last day of driver's training. She will be ready to take her road test after this. The weather is really nice and although I really hate the snow, I hope we get some so she can practice a little (with her Dad). I can't believe that in three months she will be able to drive alone. She went on a tour of Lansing Community College this week. She is going to take classes there next year. She is really excited about it.

Guess that's about it for today. 


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