Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too Old To Learn

This afternoon I finally went to the Sprint store to get Whit a new phone. Hers has been broken throughout the holidays and I have been putting it off for the past few weeks because I just didn't feel like dealing with it. Today was the day to just get it done.

You all need to realize that I have never had a cell phone of my own. I have a phone provided to me at work which is paid for by them. It is a cheap flip phone with no camera, no texting, no internet, no free minutes, no nothing. I am only supposed to use it for work related stuff which you all know isn't really what happens. Every once in a while, my boss threatens to take it away because I really don't need a work phone. In my eyes, this is a fringe benefit for me. I just keep ignoring him and keep using it anyways.

For the last year or so, the middle daughter has been riding me like a pack mule to get a phone and get to texting. I have had absolutely no desire to text and have tried a couple of times and I realized that I suck at it anyways so why bother. She has even gotten so snippy about it that if I need her to text her little sister at school or something, she throws a tantrum and tells me no. Sometimes this really pisses me off and I'm sure she knows it.

Today ... I took the big leap. I got my very own cell phone with all the bells and whistles. I don't have that Mac Daddy of phones, but one with a keyboard, touch screen, bells, texting, internet, and best of all ... Facebook at a touch of the finger. I live on FB and now I can just hit the button and there it is. I have been looking at all kinds of things for the last couple of hours and I am already thinking I'm going to like it.

Texting will not be the easiest because I have fat fingers, but I'm willing to give it a go. To all my friends and family who already text like 100 words per minute: Be patient with me. I'm on the band wagon but still holding on to the rails.


  1. Look at you go Amavive! I love having my FB at the touch of a finger, one of the best features of a smart phone as far as I'm concerned.

    I need you to change the bag background now because I can't see the words very good hiding over there on the left.


  2. Welcome to the 21st CENTURY!!! Yes... This would be the middle child speaking and it's about damn time!!


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